Why Your Fiverr Gig Not Selling

Why Your Fiverr Gig Not Selling

You started more than a month ago and still cannot sell anything? Do you feel invisible to the buyers of Fiverr? Do not worry, we understand it can be frustrating, but this is no time to get discouraged. Many times, it is not that you are bad at what you do, but that you are not doing things the right way.

Many of the reasons why your Gig is not sold on Fiverr are related to the way you present it: your title, description, portfolio or price do not give a real account of the quality of your work.

We know, it is frustrating, but often the enemy lives at home. Close, very close. Closer than you think. It lives in you… and it is pretty hard to fight it. But do not worry, we’re here to fix that and help you turn those unproductive GIGs that get in your way into a super-successful sales hit on Fiverr.

Are you ready to go? Get ready to know what is keeping you from selling your Gigs on Fiverr so let me answer the big question.

Why Your Fiverr Gig Not Selling

No, the world does not hate you. No, people do not dislike you. No, the horrible curse of the invisible beginner does not fall on you. Does not even mean you are a bad salesman or doing your job wrong. Almost always, believe it or not, it is something much simpler — and less fatalistic — than that.

Do not worry, everything has a solution! And today we are showing you how to turn it around and start selling on Fiverr more than ever in your freelance career. Let’s do it!

Your Gig’s Title is Not the Right One

Admit it, when you start creating your Gigs you do not usually take much care of it. You place the first title that Fiverr admits as correct and from then on you only fill in changes without even taking into account a marketing strategy. Serious, very serious mistake.

Remember the title is the means by which customers will find you. If you want to start making money online you have to make customers find you, and they will not if the Fiverr search engine always puts you in the bottom.

But why does it do it? Why does it hate you? Please remember to leave the tantrums somewhere else. Remember that Fiverr’s search engine, as well as any other search engine, is a system that works with keywords.

The search engine does not read your entire phrase, it gives sense to it and places it among the options Fiverr offers the client. No, not at all. Instead, based on the keywords that the potential customer types, Fiverr starts to do a search in which it connects to Gigs that includes at least one of those keywords. If you do not identify them and use them, you will be left behind and your Gig will never sell out.

But it is not just about keywords. Once you find them, try to put together a title that sounds humane and appealing. After all, what would get your attention the most? “Professional Voice for $5” or “I’ll record your perfect radio commercial for $5.” Can you tell the difference?

No one bothers to read a book with a boring title, so be sure to name your Gigs in a short, humane, eye-catching and interesting way, and sell!

Your Gig is Not Specific

Every time someone talks about this, it is inevitable that the phrase that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote back in 1937 in The Hobbit comes to mind. Remember it? If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you probably know what we are talking about here.

“You do not want to be like butter spread on too much bread.” Bread? Butter? Breakfast? What do the mythical creatures of a fantastic kingdom have to do with you not being able to sell your Gigs on Fiverr? At least in this case, as funny as it sounds, a lot. But let that analogy from a children’s book give us a clue.

Now, how does a loaf of bread with very little butter feel? Dry, right? With little flavour. It is not pleasant. You are not sure if there is butter in it or not. That is what your Gigs look like when you are not specific about what you offer.

Your Gig offers a million things, has a thousand options to increase the price… but your customer is not sure of the most basic details. That is where the mistake lies. You do not give key information without which the client will NOT hire you.

For example, let’s say you write articles. You offer packages, you offer CEO service, you even offer a photo gallery with no copyright on the subject… but you cannot tell clients how many words you will write for them. Be meticulous, concentrate on the basics. Once your Gig base is solid, you can think of Extras to make more money.

The Price is Not Right

We have already discussed this topic in other articles, basically because it is one of the most common mistakes that prevent beginners from selling their Gigs… Let’s see, you cannot offer the sky and the stars and charge just $5 for that.

Well, we understand that you want to catch the first customers with gift prices, but your business strategy may backfire. Here is why: do you remember the last time you wanted to buy something somewhere… but it was too cheap? Suspiciously cheap…

Come on! We all have some kind of scam alarm. If your Gig looks too cheap, your customers will start to have doubts about you, especially if you are just getting started and do not even have a review.

The recommendation: Spy on the competition. Check their prices and place yourself a little, just a little, underneath. That will make customers feel attracted to you, and at least ask for your services. That will be your time to conquer them and start making money on Fiverr.

You Do Not have a Good Portfolio

…or you just got lazy getting it up on the platform. Too bad, you will not get your Gig to sell out. You cannot expect a customer to trust you to do a job, no matter how small if there is no evidence to support the fact that you can do what you offer.

In that case, what should you do? The solution is simpler than you think: take the initiative, gather your best work and create a complete PDF showing what you have already done.

In case you do not have support from previous projects, you can always make some samples to display. It may be a bit laborious, but you will definitely see the results.

They can Find it Somewhere Else

No product is more difficult to sell than one with too much competition. If you do not believe us, ask those who translate from English to Spanish or French.

Their Gigs are some of the most published on the platform, so it is hard for them to make their presence felt among the competition. And as you know, when you are freelancing, invisibility is not a superpower. All you get is to lose potential sales.

So, anyway, the basic premise is always to stand out. When there is too much competition, even with low prices you will not be able to attract customers, because they will go for the users with the best review and more experience.

So, what should you do? Simple. Offer something that only you — or a handful of people — can offer. For example, you can do translations… but it turns out that besides English and Spanish, you also speak Japanese! Use that. Even if you think you will not sell, you would be surprised! After all, remember that it has been proven that when it comes to selling, there is nothing better than a segmented audience.

Stop looking to create the Gig that everyone can use and start thinking about that Gig that few have but that you offer better than anyone else. Here is the real secret formula for making a lot of money on Fiverr.

Your GIG is Not Necessary

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. A lot of times you made the mistake a lot sooner than you think. Long before you put the title, long before you upload the portfolio, long before you put the price or make the description… and now you are paying the consequences.

Yes, dear beginner, it often happens that your Gig is not sold in Fiverr because it is not necessary. Remember that, in this modern and diversified world, it is very easy to get free things. That means that it is very unlikely that anyone would be willing to pay for a service that is really unnecessary.

It also happens that many times we get carried away by the jokingly made Gigs that are published on the platform. Do not take them too seriously. Even if they are there, it does not mean you can make money off of it. If you are looking for a profitable job, you need to focus on things that really pay off.

As we said later, this is one of the hardest cases to deal with, because there is no possible solution to it: you have to start from the beginning. Find a new idea, exploit your other activities, do not give up!

Remember that creating a Gig in Fiverr is completely free, and making a mistake is something that happens to everyone. Do not waste time on something that will not work. Open your eyes to new niches and find the idea that will generate the income you are looking for.

Improving Your Results?

By applying these changes, you will surely begin to see better results in your sales. If so, tell us about yourself! Did the tips work? Did you figure out more? We would love to hear about it.

Share, discuss, comment! Help us and other readers to nourish ourselves with what you know. Let’s make this work richer and richer with more and more fresh information every day.

See you in the next post!

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