Top 15 Profitable Weird Gigs on Fiverr

Prepare your stomach and open your mind to what you are about to see, as these are the Top 15 Profitable Weird Gigs on Fiverr

From forums to blogs, making a quick stop at social networks and image banks, every platform available on the web has its freaky side… and that includes portals for independent professionals.

Fiverr, one of the big names in the business of buying and selling freelance services, could not be the exception to this. As even weirdos need to eat and there is always someone who is willing to pay for the strangest and most extravagant services, today we introduce you to the dark side of Fiverr!

Number 15: “I will record a robot, alien, weird voice”

We started this top by rummaging through Fiverr’s first layer of weirdness. To do this, we introduce you to this crazy world with an interesting variation of one of the most common and widest market works in Fiverr: voice-overs.

Like many other Fiverr users, tomercaspi offers to read your scripts for $10. However, we must warn you, if you are looking for a candid voice to tell your stories to a group of quiet housewives, go and find somewhere else!

This rare Fiverr GIG offers to narrate your voices using a COOL synthesizer that converts the voice of the announcer into a robot, alien or… well, let’s say a rare thing that may not sound normal.

Number 14: “I Will Comment On Five Of Your Instagram Posts”

Do you want to be very popular on social networks… but you do not have much support from your audience? Well, surprise! Fiverr’s rarest GIGs came to save your reputation and fulfil your dream.

Believe it or not, the comment sales market at Fiverr is growing incredibly fast. In a world where social networks demand more and more interaction, these Fiverr vendors offer their services to keep your Instagram Feed active and top of the line.

For as little as $5, $10 or $15 per order, the beautiful salosemena offers several comment packages for your Instagram posts. According to the GIG’s description, they will be complete, manual and relevant comments regarding the topic posted.

Number 13: “I Will Draw You As A Mermaid”

In the previous post, we talked about the opportunity to fulfil your dream of becoming famous in social networks… Well, this GIG will fulfil a much older and special dream!

As children, many girls have dreamed of having a beautiful, colourful tail and swimming freely in the sea, dancing among fish and dolphins. Well, this unusual and strange artist from Fiverr came to make it happen.

Allanterart offers its customers the opportunity to become a mermaid in one or more of their drawings, for a price ranging from $5 to $30. With almost two dozen satisfied customers, this strange GIG from Fiverr proves that dreams can come true!

Number 12: “I Will Take A Fansign Selfie For You”

We jumped from 13th to 12th place to dive into one of the most varied and complex worlds of modern culture: the otaku culture. Once again, we are in a quite common market in Fiverr, but with a crazy variation.

Plutiae, a beautiful cosplayer, offers her clients the possibility of having a completely original selfie of her, in which she promotes some kind of message, for $5.

In her GIG profile, you will find the list of characters she can prepare for your order.

Number 11: “I Will Photoshop You Into The Iron Throne”

If you think anime fans have gone too far, it is because you have not seen what Game of Thrones fans are capable of!

Take possession of the iron throne before anyone else thanks to the photoshopping power of sj_design… for only $5.

If Thereon or Daneyris had known it was so cheap to do it this way, there would not be so many seasons!

Number 10: “Call or write to your girlfriend or boyfriend”

We have seen it in the movies and on TV, and now we even see it among the rarest GIGs people make money on Fiverr! Certainly, the brazenness of some men has no limits, and that is why this beautiful seller from Fiverr came to put them all in their place.

For as little as $15, the sensational juliamat will start writing or calling your partner to test their loyalty. What kind of Cheaters episode is this?

Number 9: “I Will Do Everything You Want With My Girlfriend”

There are some things you cannot talk about with any subtlety… and that is the case with this couple! Sebas_erv99 and his girlfriend claim to be crazy… and will do anything you ask for $10, $25 or $45.

Hopefully they only talk about photos and videos of popular internet challenges…. otherwise, they may have to think about publishing their services on the Deep Web.

Number 8: “I Will Help You Get A Girlfriend”

Why be sad and lonely when a beauty like this offers to help you find the partner of your dreams? Believe it or not, dating counselling and support services are common at Fiverr. And this beautiful girl, chiaracutiepie is one of the best qualified.

For as little as $5, she will give you the training and advice you need so you will not be home alone again on February 14th. Who knows? Maybe you will even end up inviting her to your wedding as a thank you.

Number 7: “I Will Make You Disappear”

This may seem like a joke, we know… but it really exists! And it is rated among Fiverr’s rarest GIGs at $5 per order. If you are looking to make a superhero résumé or make a catalogue of clothes for invisible people, this is the GIG for you.

Remember our seller js_design? Just as he sat you on the iron throne, he will help you to disappear without any magic trick.

Number 6: “I Will Do Very Unique Challenge, Dare Or Skit That You Want”

At least, this Fiverr seller is a little more specific about what he is willing to do for $5, $10 or $20.

With over 50 orders successfully completed and a 5-star rating index, there is no doubt that oussamaghzaeil has no shame or stage fright when it comes to the challenges his clients demand.

Enter the profile of his GIG and see some of his most popular works, you will not regret it! Even if you do not get the service, at least you will have had a good time.

Number 5: “I Will Draw You In Adventure Time Style

Did you think all your dreams had come true when you became a mermaid for $5? In that case, get ready! We’re already in the top 5 of this top five of the strangest GIGs people make money within Fiverr, and things are starting to get more and more interesting.

If you know the cartoon “Adventure Hour” you will surely get an idea of what it means to be part of it. So, yes! Now is the time. For as little as $5, $15 or $35 — depending on the package you choose — you can be part of Jake and Finn’s adventures… Who knows? Maybe you will become so popular that you will become part of the show’s regular cast.

Number 4: “I Will Produce Your Pop Or Reggaeton Hit Song”

Move your hips and get ready for the show, as the most popular Caribbean rhythm in Latin America is taking Fiverr!

With a very entertaining promotional video, featuring a full team of dancers, the Fiverr xtmultimedia seller offers original reggaeton rhythms and songs for your radio station, program or virtual space.

Is this the birth of a new Nicky Jam?

Number 3: “I Will Create 5 Viral And Engaging Social Media Meme Videos”

While some make them for fun, vlatkoandreeski found a way to monetize all his talent for creating the most viral memes on the web.

For as little as $15, you will have a set of 5 different memes that will become viral on the web…in minutes!

Number 2: “I Will Create 5 Viral And Engaging Social Media Meme Videos”

Have you ever heard your aunts or grandmothers talking about their trusted sorceress? You know, that woman who uses the dark arts to your advantage and helps you find a boyfriend.

Well… Fiverr already has its own! And according to the reviews conducted by most of her clients, roginc’s powers are completely real. All you have to do is invest $5 to ensure a lifetime of happiness.

If you have any doubts, take a look at the more than a thirty positive reviews that show how effective these rituals from Fiverr’s most charming witch are.

Number 1: “I Will Do A Live Prank Call As Donald Trump And Say Happy Birthday Or Whatever”

After seeing all those GIGs…. what do you think might be at number one on this list? Any ideas?

A year ago, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, caused a great sensation and controversy with his victory for the presidency of the United States.

Now, imagine this controversial character calling your cell phone repeatedly… for a moment, what? Yes! This Fiverr seller offers his clients the opportunity to schedule and perform phone jokes for as little as… 50$!?

Well…. we assume that is the price you have to pay for talking to the most controversial president of 2018.

Let’s get online. Let’s get started on Fiverr

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