Top 10 Niche Gig Ideas on Fiverr to Make Excellent Start

Top 10 Niche Gig Ideas on Fiverr to Make Excellent Start

When it comes to starting up a business on Fiverr, you should always keep the following premise in mind: aim for what you do best. Find a market, analyze the competition and create an offer interesting enough to attract buyers.

As always, that is a lot easier said than done, isn’t it? Well, you have been registered for almost a week — maybe even longer — and you still have not published your first GIG to start selling on Fiverr.

All right, let me guess what is going on with you. You felt you needed some extra money, and a friend or relative told you about Fiverr. You found it interesting, and you started reading about it.

Delighted with the whole range of possibilities, you ran off to create an account… but at that point, you stopped short. You have not the faintest idea what to do now.

Do not worry, you are not the only one. A large number of users — more than you can even imagine — go through this every time they are confronted for the first time with the infinite range of opportunities that Fiverr had them fall in love with at first sight.

What services can I sell? what will give me more money? Which is the secret formula to make money on Fiverr? if these questions are what torment you and do not let you move forward, stay with us and discover the 15 best niches to start on Fiverr.

Top 10 Niche Gig Ideas on Fiverr to Make Excellent Start

10: Writing and/or Illustration of Content for Children

We seem to live in a world where everyone forgets that the production of children’s materials is the biggest little gold mine in the entertainment market.

Just think about it: Disney, Nickelodeon, any company that makes toys! They make millions a year with their princesses and action heroes.

Doesn’t it draw your attention? If you are a good writer or illustrator, this may be one of the niches you want to consider. Believe it or not, at Fiver there are many people interested in purchasing this kind of GIG.

However, do not think it is going to be easy, as it is a pretty demanding niche. Your customers, while paying well for your services, will not settle for anything. You need to be very creative, know how to access your audience and find ways to create content that, while entertaining, should be coloured, even slightly educational.

9: Illustration with Specific Characteristics

If you are good with pencils but children are not your thing, you can always start with this rather popular and lucrative Fiverr niche: illustration. However, consider how popular it is, you are likely to find yourself with a lot of competition.

This is where you let your creativity fly and give your art a distinctive stamp that makes it irresistible. Vintage illustration, maybe? Manga-style drawings? It is up to you! You can always take a walk around the competition and see what they offer… you know, to offer something better and much more interesting!

Many users on Fiverr sell hundreds of orders a day making illustrations of… I do not know, puppies, and it works!

8: Translate Texts or Audios between Unusual Languages

We live in a world with over seven billion people and approximately seven thousand different languages, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this is one of the most popular Gigs on Fiverr.

For young people who need help with their Spanish homework for emerging companies looking to make their way in a foreign market, translators are and always will be needed in the marketplace. Or at least, as long as the world is so varied.

Why is this an excellent niche to start on Fiverr? Well, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the enormous competition. Certainly, if your plan is to translate from English to Spanish or vice versa, it is going to be uphill.

But, on the other hand, if your background is exotic, take advantage of it! How many translators from, I do not know, Urdu to French do you think there can be? Even if you don’t think anyone could need something like this, do not underestimate the cultural diversity! You could be missing out on some amazing business.

7: Make Video Testimonials of a Product

This is one of Fiverr’s secrets that only those who have been on the platform for a long time, and today we are going to share it with you: you can make a good amount of money with just your image. And do not worry, contrary to what you must be thinking, you do not have to be too handsome or cute to do it.

On the Internet, it is all about building an image. The best way to sell in the 21st century is to put your product to interact with people, and that is why video testimonial on Fiverr is a popular thing.

Brands need to show you that their products are worthwhile, that you see them with your own eyes as others enjoy them… so they hire someone — like you and me — to do it.

And again, you do not have to look like a movie star to do a job like this. Many times, it is just about how much you can stand out — do you have stunning tattoos, unusual coloured eyes or are you ridiculously tall? — Take advantage of it! Maybe what you consider a curse will end up making you easy money.

6: Create Web Pages

Not only will this help you make money on Fiverr, it will help you wherever you go! The 21st century is the century of the Internet. Everything worth buying today must, as an almost indispensable requirement, have a website.

Take advantage of that need in your favour, and even more so when creating a website today is almost as easy as breathing. WordPress, Blogger or GoDaddy are some of the tools that can help you make a lot of money without doing much.

Select templates, choose a few colours, shape it, and you are done! While many know that doing this can be easy, they do not have the time or willingness to do it.

5: Design eBooks

Being a writer is all the rage! Today, it is more common than you think to find hundreds of talented and amazing online writers out there. What is not incredible and only surprising in the wrong sense of the word…. are ebooks.

Clumsy, heavy and poor-quality covers. Texts of illegible and tiresome typography, NO MORE, PLEASE! Luckily for them, there will always be sellers on Fiverr ready to offer what they are looking for: a quality job that reflects their talent and does justice to their words.

You can be one of them! If you have done editorial design before, you will know it is not too complicated a job, but it can be very well paid. Without a doubt, it is pretty good for fifth place in this top… and it gets better!

4: Being a Voice Actor/Actress

Do you have a beautiful voice and impeccable diction? It is time to stop wasting that talent and start making money off of it. The number 4 spot in this Top is for one of those niches on Fiverr that do not go out of style.

Whether as a voice over for a video in another language or narrating some kind of instruction, being a Voice Actor/actress is undoubtedly a good opportunity to start selling on Fiverr.

However, be careful if you decide to do this. Make sure you have the necessary equipment and a quiet space where you can record. After all, no one will want to hear your dog barking or your neighbour’s kids crying in their pre-recorded message or in their Youtube commercial.

3: Make Animated Explanatory Videos for Companies

Oh, yes! We made it into the Top 3 with one of the most sought-after services on Fiverr in recent years. Come on, are you a cheerleading student who needs a little extra income? You have come to the right place.

Learn, gain experience and make money making some animated videos for your customers. This is undoubtedly one of those services that never run out of customers. Nowadays, both companies and start-ups love to present their services to one of them.

It is even very likely that members of the platform will hire you! After all, there is nothing easier to sell on Fiverr than a GIG with a promotional video.

2: Design Content for Fashionable Social Networks

Do you like fashion and need some extra money to fuel your passion? In that case, this will be your perfect GIG to start selling on Fiverr.

Use your knowledge and good taste to create the best content related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Nowadays, this kind of content is very fashionable and many will want to hire you if your content is really good.

EXTRA ADVICE: If you already have a community that follows your opinion or fashionable content on your private networks, take advantage of it! Who knows? You may be just a couple of steps away from becoming an influencer.

1: Vintage Logo Design

Doesn’t it catch your attention how, as we approached the top of this top, the tasks got easier and easier? Well, yes, if you were clever and creative, you would be surprised at how much and how much money you can make without investing too much time and effort.

This case is no exception! You would be surprised how many web-based programs are used to make these kinds of logos… and how much money Fiverr buyers are willing to pay for something they can make themselves!

Once again, it is a matter of time and tools: if you have both, you always win!

Have You already Started Selling on Fiverr?

We want to know about your first steps in Fiverr. Which niches did you choose? What were your first jobs? Share, diffuse, comment. Let’s make this article much bigger and more profitable.

But for now, we are saying goodbye. See you in the next post!

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