How to Get First Gig Order on Fiverr

How to Get First Gig Order on Fiverr

How to Get First Gig Order on Fiverr, ah, the first order! It is the most besieged enemy, the jewel everyone wants to find, the trophy everyone would like to have on their shelves! Right, when you are starting your online career on Fiverr it seems like you will never get there. But do not worry, it is just a matter of knowing the right formula.

Fiverr’s secret to getting your first order is to gain exposure, set competitive prices, have a good portfolio and make your buyers — even those who are just potential buyers — feel well served.

Contrary to what many friends will tell you or have told you at some point — look for a real job! — the modern market is increasingly leaning towards piece-rate services to make money online.

After all, the 21st century is the century of the Internet. The best opportunities are there, even when the traditional business model is still trying to convince us that the best thing you can do for your career is to find a job in a regular prestigious company.

To be able to succeed in the freelancing world of Fiverr, you have to be clever. You will not be able to make money until you discover what is the secret formula for success. So, do you accept the challenge? Are you willing to give everything for that first order? Very good, because I am going to give everything to teach you how to get it!

In order to succeed in Fiverr’s world, you have to be clever. You are not going to make money on the net if you do not find out what that secret formula is for success. So, do you accept the challenge? Are you willing to do everything for that first order? All right, because we are going to do our best to teach you how to get it!

Fiverr for Beginners

This section will be a kind of ‘Fiverr for dummies’. After all, if you are new to the platform, there are a few things you should be clear about before you start making money online.

Let’s get down to the basics: getting to know your new workplace. Fíverr is basically an online marketplace for services starting at $5. Kind of like that catalogue shopping system your mom used to spend a lot of money on when you were a kid.

As with the catalogues, thousands of people buy and sell services on Fiverr every day, this being one of the most active freelance markets of 2018.

Despite having been created only eight years ago — in 2010, if you are lazy about counting — it is already one of the favourite platforms when it comes to offering services, even competing against the biggest ones in the market such as Upwork or Freelancer.

To start selling GIGs on Fiverr you only have to ask yourself the following question: What do you know how to do? Fiverr has a market for almost anything: videos, logos, newsrooms, translations, programming services, etc.

If you are not sure what you can do or sell, you can always start by being guided not only by what your fellow users offer — basically, spying on the competition — but also by checking what categories the platform offers.

From there, the road is easy. Find the minimum service unit and offer it for $5. It is that simple… at least on paper.

However, what brought us here is the fact that this “simple as that” has already proved to be not entirely true, has it not? In that case, how do you get your first order on Fiverr and start making money online without dying trying? Now that we know the battlefield, we can proceed with a strategy.

4 Tips to Get Your First Order on Fiverr

We already know you are desperate. We know that you registered for more than a month ago and that you have not managed to sell anything and we know that you think Fiverr is a waste of time and not worth it… but you could not be more wrong.

You can make a pretty good amount of money on Fiverr if you know how to play your cards right from the start. So, pay attention, little grasshopper, and take note of these tips which are not only part of the secret formula for achieving the sales success at Fiverr you have been waiting for, but will also help you achieve your first order in a matter of days.

The Perfect Image

Registering on a website at this time is like sending your resume to hundreds of thousands of potential recruiters… all at once. Imagine all the responsibility that that should entail. However, a lot of times it does not. Can you imagine why?

The frenzy of wanting to sell immediately seduces most small grasshoppers and begins to sabotage them from the beginning, but that has an explanation that goes beyond Fiverr and goes back to the beginnings of the history of weblogging.

For some reason, we are always lazy about profiling. We put the first photo we get, we make a quick description without much detail or without much desire. Terrible mistake. We are so desperate to start making money as soon as possible on Fiverr and we do not take into account that our profile will be the letter of introduction that buyers will see when they are interested in hiring us.

Spend time and love on your profile so that potential buyers can appreciate your commitment to things: a good profile picture — attractive and commercial — explaining your skills, pointing and work experience and academic recognition, all of that adds up and will get your attention!

This also applies to your GIGs. Do not rush into anything just because you want them to start ordering you now, now, now! Be sure to think carefully about its contents. Design it properly, provide enough information and do not be lazy. If your GIG looks like that, you as a worker will too.

Fiverr Gives You Tools, Use Them!

You cannot see the platform as your enemy, this is crucial. Fiverr is not an evil monster who sabotages you and puts you at the bottom of his list of service offerings because he hates you. Do not be childish.

In fact, it is in Fiverr’s interest that you make — that everyone, the vast majority, make — money. After all, that is the way they make money too. That is why they are constantly making updates and improvements to provide sellers with as many tools as possible to start selling.

From the moment it was created, it has buttons to share your GIGs on social networks. This gives you some exposure on the Internet, which is never too much, but that is not what really matters to us about using those buttons.

Believe it or not, Fiverr is constantly rewarding its active users for doing things right. In the case of social network buttons, when you use them, you advertise not only yourself but for them as well. And, of course, the prize is to gradually scale up among the offers available in the search engine.

In addition to this, Fiverr has been testing a new feature called “Available Now” for months. It is a button on the page so you can let your buyers know that you are 100% ready to start working right now and then.

The only problem with that system is that you need to have 100% record response time and respond to customer requests in less than 5 minutes. If not, you will be cautioned and can no longer be part of the test phase of this beta.

Competitive Prices

Oh, yeah. This issue is a bit delicate. A lot more than you can imagine. Pricing your work is always a problem for those who are just starting to sell their Gigs on Fiverr.

The first thing to keep in mind, and that you cannot lose sight of under any circumstances, is that you cannot give away your work. YOU CAN NOT. No matter how desperate you are. Why? Not only because it is not morally ethical, but because it does not look good.

If you charge very cheaply, you will make the buyer understand that your work is not quality…. and many buyers simply prefer to save themselves the possible disappointment, despite the price. You cannot go crazy and charge too much either because then you will not get a single customer.

In that case, what can you do? Keep your rates on that thin line between the expensive and the cheap. You can always check out the competition and offer something that is just a little below their offer.

A Good Portfolio

We often mention this in almost every article. It is not a question of being annoying about it, but of being very important. You need, under any circumstances, a very good portfolio to support your work.

Part of the secret formula to start selling on Fiverr is to gain the trust of your customers, and this is a wonderful way to do it. Showcase your best work, tell about your previous experience and catch the attention of your clients.

Remember that the visual is very important, so if you know how to do it… make a promotional video! Not only are they very fashionable and people love them, you will also find them a fun way to explain what you do to your customers.

However, always remember to have an ace up your sleeve. Do not use up all the ammunition. Always keep a special, unique sample in stock that is not available to everyone. For what reason? Well, you will see. Most of the time, serious clients will ask you for one more sample of your work.

Take that last chance to give the final blow and get that first order.

Did You Get Your First Order?

Wow, congratulations! We hope these tips have helped you. Remember that we are multipliers here and we like to share what we do, so do not forget to comment on what you read and send it to your other friends who use Fiverr up here.

We would also love to hear your opinion: do you have your own secret formula for making money on Fiverr? Share, comment, discuss, contribute! Together we can make this work much more enriching.

See you in the next post!

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