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How to Buy from Fiverr Effectively | Pro Tips and Tricks

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where millions of users sell their services daily. If you are a small or medium business owner, you may be looking for your business relevant services on Fiverr. But the big question is How to Buy from Fiverr Effectively as there are tons of users offering the same services at the same price. So I am writing this article to help make you right choice of Fiverr.

Why Choose Fiverr as a Buyer?

Fiverr uses a single account method for both sellers and Buyers. Registering in Fiverr is easy and free. Anyone can register on Fiverr without given manual validation process regardless of the country you are.

You can get good if not the best services at Fiverr even though you have $5 budget than other service providing websites, you can’t get as much quality of service as you want even for a higher fee in those. Even if you don’t get the best service you want, you will lose only $5. Fiverr provides a range of Gigs to pick from.

What type of Gigs can I Find on Fiverr?

A seller can make any form of Gig according to his or her ability and talent. A Gig is either on programming, graphics designing, animation, creative writing, SEO, recording video, music making, advertising for someone and other creative things This demonstration that artistic seller with no skill set can also get paid on Fiverr.

How to Search for the Best Sellers on Fiverr?

There are different ways to get the best buyer. At Fiverr, a seller can construct a “Gig” which is a statement that gives the client an insight about the services that they provide in less than 80 words for $5. Although, they no longer restrict the basic gig to $5. Sellers can design Gigs up to $995. For instance, a writer can design a Gig for content writing with the title.

“I will write an article for $5.”

Apart from the Gig title, sellers can add information about the choice of services, the time of delivering the services etc., in the description. So as a buyer, you have to go for the seller that has at least 90% of the kind of service you want. Freelancers can also offer Gig extras for extra work or quicker delivery. This provides you with an option of picking the exact package you require without picking unnecessary articles.

How to Buy a Gig on Fiverr?

A buyer can then examine from end to end different such Gigs made by sellers and choose the one which matches his/her conditions. If required, they can wish a custom offer from the seller.

Custom offer– this is an offer that is customised by the seller to fit your conditions. Before purchasing the Gig, you have to pay to Fiverr the sum required to purchase the Gig. Fiverr will charge you a fee of $1 for Gigs up to $20, while for gigs above $20 you will be charged up to 5% of the amount that you bought.

If you are considering a fast job, which is beside scouting freelancers that have reliable response also a good delivery time, you have to know some things:

After sending a request, your request information will be reviewed by the Fiverr management. This occurs for the reason that Fiverr wishes to know if your requested service is in line with their terms and conditions. So this means that your request will be scrutinized which will take a few hours.  If you have a really urgent project you want to undertake you have to post the request on time.

For a quick response to your request, search for sellers that are online, online sellers have a green online icon on the upper-right side of their profile.

The lowest time of delivery on Fiverr is one day, and a tasking job will need as much as needed days to finish. The sellers will state the delivery time in the gig. If you want the gig to be delivered faster, you either buy an “extra” or tell the seller if he or she can deliver it before the time for additional money for the gig.

Fiverr Moblie App

The Fiverr mobile app is available for download you can use the app to communicate faster with the seller. for fast management of a task, watch closely the number of revisions comprised in a gig. Although some sellers don’t specify it, it is doubtful they will jeopardise a review for saying no to make an additional revision.

Afterwards, when placing the request for the gig, allow the budget field to be empty. So that if it’s overpriced, you can renegotiate. Most times, sellers will give you a better offer than what you were hoping for.

Communicating with the Seller!

One of the good features in Fiverr is it gives room for both sellers and buyers to know each other before placing an order. Don’t just hit buy, even if you see a gig that meets your conditions and requirements. Sitting close to the seller’s profile is a ‘Contact me’ button that opens up in a contact window then, you can for a moment define the kind of service you need.

This will give you that is the buyer an opportunity to know if the seller can do exactly what you require and also learn about them.

After purchasing the gig, you will have to communicate with the seller on how to go about the task. You will have to answer a few questions concerning the job that will enable the seller know how to go about.

In the example above, this information may comprise of the title of the article or keyword, length of the article, language choice etc. Once the material is delivered by you, the contract will be active and the seller will have to finish the project in the agreed time.

Reviewing Delivered Work

After finishing the project, the seller will deliver it for the buyer’s review. Depending on the agreement, the buyer may require the seller to make any needed modifications. If no modifications are necessary, the buyer would mark the job as completed, review and rate the seller based on the quality of the completed job. These ratings are for other sellers to know the quality of service they are getting from the seller.

When that is done and the order is marked completed, the money for the payment of the service will be given to the seller, not before the service charge has been taken from you the buyer.

But if the buyer doesn’t confirm the request as completed before the third day after delivery, it will be marked as complete by Fiverr and fee will be given to the seller as originally agreed.

Unless you can’t help it, try not to leave a bad rating. As an alternative, hit the seller up and state the reason(s) why you are not pleased with what you are getting. Since ratings are very essential to the freelancers, it’s possible they will agree to fix the problem minus any extra payment. It’s preferable to give the freelancer the opportunity to fix things before giving them a poor rating

Joining the Fiverr Community

The Fiverr Forum a great place to talk with individuals using Fiverr, even though few clients truly do. You can drop a question in the “Tips for Buyers” and the “Tips for Sellers” groups. Apart from the official Fiverr forum, there are also other forums in other websites that talks about how to use Fiverr effectively and also on Facebook, Quora and the lot of them.

Fiverr Pro

For a buyer, Fiverr pro offers you this gives you to access the finest talent obtainable on the website. When it comes to Fiverr pro, it is no more about getting the job done it is about getting it flawlessly done and for a reasonable fee too. For now, fiver can only give a pro gig on a few categories. That is the graphic designs, Digital promotion, video and animation and writing and translating. In the nearest future optimistically, other categories will be added to it.

Small Businesses and Fiverr Business Tools

Fiverr Commercial Tools empowers different team affiliates to appreciate a more effective way of supervising tasks, as well as profiting from improved invoices, VIP client support and communal payment options.

Following a crew’s activity, observing concerns over billing and providing client support are all trials small businesses encounter when handling tasks on Fiverr. Business Tools are intended to aid small trades and teams accomplish such tests while on Fiverr. Businesses may sign into their account on Fiverr, locate the Fiverr Business Tools option, add team affiliates, add a communal payment scheme and start to buy and work in partnership.

The Fiverr Team knows the vital role capitalists and minor businesses play on the Fiverr platform and how the corporation wants to offer a service to develop the experience of the users.

Utilizing Fiverr Business Tools

Capitalists are the most important people on Fiverr. It’s a platform intended to link sellers with serious business clients and serious clients need serious gears. So the platform is hosting Business Tools, a new and upgraded set of features envisioned for lesser businesses and their group working on the platform.

When starting Fiverr Business Tools, the Fiverr platform requests users to give some details about their company’s business goals and information about the company will also be required too.

The innovative billing features permit teams to choose their ideal payment scheme, set boundaries on monthly card usage and fill in billing information.

With Fiverr Business Tools, establishments can monitor all orders of the team in one location, monitor who buys what.

How to Deal with Custom Offers?

After posting an order, you will start getting offers from different sellers. Fiverr will also send you an email of randomly selected sellers. The sellers are mostly top-rated sellers or level two sellers. Do not just buy those randomly selected offers because they were randomly selected by Fiverr. So use your instinct instead of what Fiverr is selecting for you.

For orders that require the seller to get your login details, it is better to create a separate account that as limited access just to be on the safer side. How says you cannot make online friends? Build relationships with your sellers. Stick with one seller especially when the person did a good job. Searching for a good seller on Fiverr is very tiring and most time a big waste of time. Be understanding and stay with the seller who helped out to start with.

Contacting Sellers Outside Fiverr

Some people will want to outsmart the Fiverr system and try to hook up with the clients or clients hooking up with the sellers outside the fiver platform. Asking for private email and other contact details like Facebook username or even phone number is prohibited and when you are caught your account will be blocked and it is very hard to recover a blocked account.

Like I said before, to better communicate with sellers you can download the Fiverr app on your phones. It is available to download for apple and android for free. You can create a request there, switch from buyer to seller, look for gigs, create your favourites list, and message your sellers all the time.

Money Back Guarantee by Sellers

A lot of services will agree to give the money back (cash back) to the client if they are not pleased with the job. Although, as discussed previously, sellers would rather favour a refund and get a positive feedback from the buyer causing a higher rating than deserved. This does display in cancelled orders, but it is tough to figure out if the demand was cancelled due to the fault of either the buyer or the seller.

False Ratings of Sellers

Lots of people purchase fake ratings and reviews by requesting their friends who are active buyers of Fiverr to purchase Gigs and give them a high rating and a good review. This makes the ratings on Fiverr undependable

You need to be Smart!

Though, you should be really careful when selecting a Gig. Sellers have less to lose by using Fiverr except maybe if given a bad review because it is permanent. If you thread carefully, you can get some decent seller for very cheap rates. Generally, Fiverr is a great place for both sellers and buyers.

Try as much as possible to do an experimental run before applying for a bigger project. Don’t just go jumping in head first. You might regret every bit of it. If you have a project of about $300 or more, don’t be tempted by time to give a seller the whole job.

Allocate a small part of it to test and if the seller is worthy enough to be given the whole work, then, by all means, get your job started. If you don’t have enough time to be testing one at a time you can allocate an experimental work to different sellers about 3 then you can pick the winning seller.

My Personel Advise

Be professional when using Fiverr as your business might depend on it. You have to be critical about the kind of service you want, be patient with the seller because a right thing done in haste can go wrong really fast, avoid using bad language to communicate with your seller and also avoid hate speech. Be considerate with deadlines and if possible give the seller enough time to review and modify the work before delivering.

Have a great experience with Fiverr.



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