How Good Your Skills Should Be to Get Started on Fiverr

How Good Your Skills Should Be to Get Started on Fiverr

Breathe! If you think that to start selling in Fiverr you need to be a professional, you are very wrong. While there are many high-end freelancers in this Marketplace, there is room for everyone in Fiverr! Regardless of your skill level, there will always be a small place you can fill in one of the many categories this website has for freelancers.

But make no mistake about it. Not everything is perfect. You cannot expect to earn what a professional earns by being a beginner at what you do. Certainly, as we said, you will find a place to start selling… but you will probably have to work very hard and hone your skills to sell orders worth around $500 or $1,000.

That is no reason to get discouraged, is it? What is simple is not always the best, and we can assure you that working at Fiverr is worth it! Now… how do you start climbing? What goals do you have to set to reach the top? Well, for starters, you can always set yourself a pretty obvious goal: you have to go level after level until you reach the dream of using the black “PRO” label and being considered a Top-Rated Seller on Fiverr.

Doesn’t that sound simple?

Seller Levels on Fiverr

You could say that Fiverr really does look like a game in this respect. You have to climb level after level to unlock skills that allow you to go much further and take more complicated missions. Yes, the truth is quite similar… with the only difference that in this game there are only three levels.

But, uh… do not relax. Just because there are only three levels does not mean that this game will be easy. Not at all, quite the contrary. At least psychologically the task is much tougher. Just think about it.

When you play a game, it excites you and makes you feel like you are moving forward, going up small steps. However, in this game, there is no such thing as small steps.

To raise the level, certain requirements are necessary. Each user starts with “no level”. Just being just another user, unlabeled. Most people who do not take responsibility for their Fiverr account stay there. The others are working their way up to level 1.

Level 1

Levels are measured from the bottom up, meaning that the closer you are to 1, the closer you get to excellence. To be level 1 you must:

  • Be an active seller for 30 days
  • Complete at least 10 orders
  • Get good reviews and history

What should I Do Next?

Once you get to level one, you are on your way to gradually gain more visibility. This considerably increases your chances of getting more orders and therefore raising your level.

To keep on climbing, always remember to use the words correctly in your Gigs’ titles, which will make you better positioned in your searches, but that is not all. Now that you have started selling, you have to make sure you do a very good quality job. Nothing but 5 stars will be admitted as correct.

You also have to start giving a lot of importance to volume. Remember that many small jobs can produce as much money as a large, dedicated one. Find out what rate works best for you and makes you more money online. Make sure you do not freak out, though. Taking too many jobs will only suffocate you and you will stop making your deliveries on time…. that is bad.

By doing these things and many others such as sharing your Gigs on social networks, answering your feedbacks and keeping your regular customers, you will be able to climb to level 2.

Level 2

It looks like the top, but it is not the top yet… although the view looks amazing from so high up! Come on, does not it feel good to make a little more money? You start having more jobs and you see the benefits of being level 2: you get 2 Gigs extra (for 5, 10 and 20 dollars) and you have the option of Extra-Fast delivery. You can create 4 multiple Gigs.

But… You are not level 2 yet. To do this, you will have to:

  • Be an active seller for 30 days
  • Complete at least 50 orders
  • Always get good reviews and history

It sounds crazy, but if you get that productive pace, you could make incredible profits: an extra 3 Gigs ($5, $10, $20 and $40). You can create 8 multiple Gigs. You have priority technical support. Also, the Extra-Fast option is available.

What comes after that is the pure legend. There are only a few who have managed to become Top-Rated Sellers and carry the PRO black label.

Top Rated-Seller

To opt for this category things change. It is no longer a matter of achieving specific objectives, but of highlighting. As soon as the Fiverr platform realizes your potential, you will begin to be monitored and evaluated.

It is rumoured that the following are being evaluated:

  • Seniority as a seller
  • Number of sales made
  • Good reviews
  • Good customer service

And the benefits? You get an extra 4 Gigs (5, 10, 20, 40, 100 dollars). Extra-Fast label. You can create up to 20 multiple Gigs, have VIP support, access more sales tools provided by Fiverr and always access the Beta options on the web first.

Jobs According to Your Skill Level

Now that we have a clearer idea of how the whole levels and performance goals systems work, we can talk in a more practical sense: how good are you at doing what you do? It depends on your abilities to grow in this freelance marketplace.

The fact is, however, that, as we mentioned earlier, everyone has a place here. You can improve or just stay in your category. After all, it depends on your needs. But let’s go by parts:


These could be considered the ‘white belt’ of the Fiverr sellers. Unexperienced, naive and very excited — or desperate — to complete their first order.

They are usually new to the trade looking for some experience or portfolio work. Many of them are — remain there for a long time, if not forever — Fiverr sellers without a level. No label.

It is common to find the young high school and college students in this category. They usually work in logo design or social networking, illustration, drawing, translation, blogging and voice-over writing.

Almost all of their services are very cheap because they lack experience. They usually make $5 or $10 per Gig, when they get lucky.


In this category, the experience and level of technical education are already beginning to show a little more. Although a step separates them, the difference is quite considerable.

In this group, you will find a number of users, but not as many as beginners and not as few as PRO users. It is a kind of “middle class”. These sellers make a considerable amount of money, although they still cannot be said to make a living from it.

This category usually includes students who are about to graduate or freelancers who are already qualified to do semi-professional work. They are located between levels 2 and 1, although the latter is less frequent.

They serve the above-mentioned niches, and we can add to that the programming, writing with SEO content, high-quality music work, animation and video editing.

They usually make between $30 and $50 for regular orders, but they get lucky hits that occasionally put them above $200.


They do not have the black label on them for decoration, that is for sure. They worked it and they have it because they deserve it. Nothing less than that. There are very few of these “Top rated sellers”, but the ones that do exist offer extremely high-quality work… and expensive, too.

Quality costs money, and if you want something well done you better not skimp on it. These users are usually professionals with years of work experience on and off the Internet. They are qualified to do all kinds of jobs, regardless of their complexity. None of his Gigs is below $500, and rightly so!

The good thing about them is that there is a handful in each category. So, if you arrive as a buyer at Fiverr, you will always have a high-quality option regardless of the cost.

Users with No Skills Whatsoever

These characters are strange, unusual and, honestly, very funny! You could really say that they make money using any really outstanding skill.

They are just there doing unusual jobs like holding up posters with messages, making phone jokes or recording themselves making strange videos… and yet, who would say it! They are capable of making money off of it.

As we have already pointed out, they do not manifest any kind of ability, so they could not be placed in any category. They usually ask for $5 per Gig, and surprisingly earn the volume they need to say they make some extra money.

Most of these users sell in the ‘Entertainment’ category and, to be honest, it could not be otherwise. But make no mistake about it. Underestimating them is a terrible mistake.

Many of them, the top scorers, are able to make up to $35 per Gig, of course, to do so they must have a good and varied review.

Would you pay that much for entertainment? If there is one thing you cannot deny, it is that hate sells. And a lot of it.

How Good are Your Skills?

How much experience do you have? How well do you know how to handle your equipment? Tell us! We want to know your story and how far you have come. Do you know more about it? You can always share with us.

Remember, that is what this space is all about after all. To contribute to each other and make this work a real tool to increase your sales at Fiverr. So, Let’s get started on Fiverr.

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Hi! my name is Anees and I am a telecom professional and electronics engineer with 5+ years of freelancing experience in MATLAB and related software. I also have special skill of designing presentations for all level and categories. I'd love to write about my work and share my experience with you.

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  1. i make long term mistake as a beginner, I jump upon it for money and lost my 6 month by choosing low competition but also Low Demanded Gig Named “Excel VBA”. so I was not know that it is good to low comtition But I have not Checked even that it is very low demanded i had saw even only one seller have 1k review and other have almost very few 10 to 30 likwise.
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