How Fiverr Works

How Fiverr Works

How Fiverr Works? will answer the following 6 questions:

  1. What are Fiverr Levels?
  2. What if you can’t finish an order?
  3. How much can you charge for a Gig?
  4. How do Fiverr’s “Gig Extras” work and how much money can you earn from it?
  5. What are “Order Multiples”?
  6. What is “Fiverr Revenue Card”?

Fiverr Levels

Sellers who steadily deliver excellent work are compensated by levelling up. seller’s profits rely on their level: 1, 2, or Top-Rated. New member starts with no level.  The more sales you complete satisfactorily, and also on time, the higher your level goes.

Here’s a full description of the different levels on Fiverr and what it takes to get there:

Level 1

  • Be active for 30 days, make 10 complete sales to get to this level, and make a sale of $400
  • Multiples orders: Buyers can now buy up to 4 different orders from you.
  • You can now offer up to 2 separate upgrades to clients

Level 2

  • 50 sales over a period of 2-month to be promoted to level 2
  • Gig Extras: give up to 3 extras to clients
  • Multiple order: Buyers can now buy up to 8 multiple orders from level 2 sellers
  • Priority Support

Top-Rated Seller

Chosen by hand by Fiverr management centred on these factors:

  • Seniority
  • Amount of sales
  • Tremendously high rating
  • Excellent customer care
  • Community leadership and so on.

What if you can’t finish an order?

If you have an overload on Gig orders and can’t continue, you can deliberate on a time frame arrangement with your clients, or you can give your Gig over to another seller who can do it.

How much can you charge for a Gig?

One Gig has a default $5 sale, therefore the name: Fiverr.   So you should ensure the services which you offer are within that range, so you’re not killing your dear time.  At first, you should offer a little extra for their $5.  This makes you unique, and will probably leave the client feeling like he was given more than his $5 worth. As you go along, you can charge up to 5000$.

How do Fiverr’s “Gig Extras” work and how much money can you earn from it?

You can give Gig Extras in your webpage on Fiverr.  Gig Extras are extra services you add to your main gig for more money.  This is where many top-sellers make their money.  They propose such quality results for their main gig that clients will go all in to get more quality work out of that seller.

What are “Order Multiples”?

A freelancer can also offer Order Multiples, which is mainly doubling the basic $5 Gig. For instance, if a seller offers to double the words for double the amount.  That is if he originally offers 200 words for $5, he will now offer 400 words for $10.

What is “Fiverr Revenue Card”?

Find out how Fiverr payments work, and how to acquire the Fiverr revenue card: You can take out your earnings to your account either the revenue card or PayPal.  A Fiverr revenue card is like a debit card that you make use of in stores and at an ATM. The revenue card is run by Payoneer, which is identical to Paypal. Payoneer performs very rapidly after you extract your funds.  They’re usually accessible on your revenue card within one day.  There is a fee of $2 for moving money on Fiverr to the revenue card, and a fee of $3 for extracting any money from an ATM, and any fixed ATM fees.  But, you don’t need to withdraw the cash, you can use it in superstores and the online market as you wish.

However, your gig doesn’t get any client’s responsiveness because of the high competition on Fiverr. That’s why most times well-designed gigs don’t always get any buyers attention. For this, you need to click on Buyer Request. Please note that you should not promote your gig on Fiverr. As Fiverr has restructured their rule and they will suspend your account.

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