Fiverr Gig Ideas to Start Making Money without any Skill

Fiverr Gig Ideas to Start Making Money without Any Skill

For years, literature — in all its genres and forms — has tried to convince us that the protagonist of a story is always someone special. Come on, if you want a book that tells your story, you have to be much more than just an ordinary figure.

No, you need to be “that one”. That strange or special boy who for some reason finds himself involved in a story that makes him discover that he is much more in himself than he thought and imagined.

You need a special personality, you need to have special skills or at most use an extravagant hair colour to “be someone”. Well, in real and daily life, this is not the case. It is not common for most people to be a kind of Bilbo Baggins or Dorian Grey or Edward Cullen… and that frustrates us, even when we try to deny it.

If we do not have that unique characteristic, we are nobody. We are nothing, and then we end up believing such stupid things as that there are people who have no skills at all. Or even worse, that you need to have an ability to do something as simple as being a freelance!

And the truth is that to be a freelancer you do not need a very special skill, or at least this is not a necessary requirement. The freelance career can be one of the most enriching if you give it a chance.

But then, what can I do if I really want to be a freelance but I do not know how to do anything special? We are here to enlighten you.

No Skills? Not Possible

As we have been saying, in this modern world we tend to despise things too much, and that is terrible! Not only because it can frustrate you as a human being. You know, for not feeling so good about yourself in front of others. But also, because it does not allow us to see the things we are capable of.

We strut through life and call ourselves “useless” and convince ourselves that we have no skills at all, but the truth is that this is humanity’s great lie. Of course, you do have skills!

Do you think you would have survived all this time in our cruel and savage world if you had not? That is true innocence. Nature is wise and would have realized that you were a burden, more than a benefit. You would have been dead many years ago.

So, surprise! After all, you have some skills, but you have been negligent and have not taken the time to find out what they are. That is what you should be ashamed of.

But, you know, it is never too late. Just open your eyes wide, and this time not to the rest of the world. You have to look at yourself. what do I do well? what do I like to do? Those are the questions you should start with, and then start trying things out from there. Quickly! You are too far overdue.

Maybe you are a mess with computers and technology, but you dress very well and have an excellent fashion sense, so there you have a starting point! And it is very “fashionable” too. You can start working for or write your own fashion blog.

Ah, but you did not exactly pass literature with honours either. The only thing you can say that you are proud of in that sense is knowing the difference between “break” and “brake”.

Well, but surely — since you are visual — there is something in that line that makes you feel good. Ah, yes! The photograph. There is it! You can start your career as a freelance photographer and from there explore new markets.

Do you see it? It is not a question of whether you have a lot of skills or not, but of creativity when thinking about potential jobs. To think that “there is nothing you can do” is utter nonsense. You just lack some inspiration.

And that is precisely what we bring to you today.

Fiverr Gig Ideas to Start Making Money without any Skill

As the blast of light and knowledge settles on your head, here are a couple of ideas that can help you start freelancing without any previous skills or experience in the game:

Videos Holding up Posters

Do not wrinkle your brow like that. Remember what we talked about underestimating things. This is one of the most popular activities in Fiverr, believe it or not.

After all, that is where the boom began. In 2010, when the Fiverr platform was launched, people were not quite sure what it meant to be freelance or what kind of things you could do to make money online. It was then that a particular work trend began to become trendy: holding up posters with messages.

It turns out that companies were fascinated by him for his campaigns and singers for his music videos.

From then on, the model tried to replicate itself for other freelance Marketplaces but was not as successful. Even when the world has already moved on and we know what we can do to make money online, this is still a Gig that is offered and consumed.

It is almost a tradition now, and you do not need to have too much knowledge to do it.

Putting Voice to Videos

If you think you have a beautiful voice, whether it is angelic or deep and sensual, you can always work on putting your voice to videos. This is one of the most requested jobs nowadays because many brands and producers constantly need to produce videos to promote their products.

This is where you come in. You do not need much: knowing how to read is the only indispensable skill. Even the part about having a microphone is optional. If your computer is new enough, it already has one included and it may be of sufficient quality.


In most countries of the world, they teach a second language at school. That is why there are now more and more bilingual or trilingual people in the world. This can be a good starting point to start your career as a freelancer.

While it is also one of the most competitive labour markets — because almost all users offer something like this — it is also one of the most demanded. Google Translate is not exactly the most accurate, and many times a company or individual needs a message in a language they do not use.

Blessed be globalization, you already have a way to start making money in Fiverr!

Record Videos

This may sound fun and complicated at the same time, but it is the truth. The task of recording yourself, while not requiring many skills to do so, has been growing gradually in the Fiverr market.

In that sense, we can say that it is divided into two branches. One that is primarily more commercial, entrepreneurial and serious… and another that tends more to entertain than anything else.

The first branch is to record videos of yourself testing specific products. Applications, web pages, etc. They are almost always intangible products that can be sent by email, to avoid all the inconvenience of shipping and so on.

On the other hand, we have the second branch. It is more focused on challenges and our need to watch funny videos than anything else. There are many users in Fiverr who ask for $5 to make the video you request, no matter what it is. Yeah, as scary as a proposal like that can be.

Instagram Commentator

Okay, let us see. You know that one of the most powerful things these days are social networks, are not they? I am glad you know that. And if you do not know it, find out! Well, you may be missing out on an amazing business opportunity.

At the time of its launch, the Instagram algorithm used to be quite simple. The posts that appeared in your feed were organized in chronological order. The newer, on top, the older, on the bottom. Well… now that is not as simple as it used to be. The new, super-popular algorithm of Instagram 2018 came to change everything.

Now it is not a question of how well you do your publication, but how relevant it is. This relevance is measured in two ways: comments and likes. However, the comments are usually a little more valuable, because they involve direct interaction with the content.

If your publication is not relevant — it has neither of the previous two elements — you can forget about the exposure. After all, posts that are not relevant are archived by the platform and become virtually invisible.

However, if your post gets comments and likes within the first hour, congratulations! You are ready to be a Rockstar now. So, for many Instagram users, the exposure is very important, they often pay Fiverr sellers to comment on their publications.

Do you see? You do not need any skills for this, or am I wrong?

Have You Planned How You will Start Making Money on Fiverr?

The marvellous thing about this Marketplace is, without any doubt, the great variety of categories and subcategories it has. They give their sellers the opportunity to offer almost anything, the sky is the limit!

So, you know what are you going to do? How are you going to start? Do you have any other ideas for a gig that you can sell without any skills? You can share it in this space so that everyone can be enriched with information.

Share, comment, discuss, make this post yours! Remember that this space is meant to be a tool for Fiverr sellers, so do not be selfish.

See you in the next post!

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