Best Selling Fiverr Gigs Make Money

30 Best Selling Fiverr Gigs to Make Money

Gigs are like the engine of your Fiverr account whether or not your account is successful lies on the words of your gig. There are plenty gigs on Fiverr to pick from, though, only a few of them are recognized as ‘Evergreen’ and then revolutionize your position plus improving you. I won’t be too attentive to the things everyone knows. Let’s see what I have for you and I am sure it will help you a lot.

These are 30 Best Selling Fiverr Gigs to Make Money of all time. Well, you do not know it yet but it’s the right time for you to learn a little something new about Fiverr. You don’t just go into anything here on Fiverr you have to learn the little things that nobody will teach you. I don’t like to encourage newbies to do that, you have to research and learn first else, there will be a lot of first times when you are choosing a gig unguided. What are your desires, passion, interests and talents? If you’re really contented working as a writer and translator, then you have to know a lot about it, find out what makes it stands out, secrets no one will let you in on.

Here are top 30 evergreen topics on Fiverr:

1. Article Editing

This is another timeless gig that I will be happy to sell on Fiverr. Do you have any royalty free images, a content editing skill in your arsenal? Then this gig is for you. You can edit to incorporate articles into WordPress and other blogs. There are numerous webmasters that buy a lot of articles like 50 articles of you to edit and pay a lot of money up to $200+ then upload to their site.  There is lots of money to be made in article editing and writing too.

2. Article Writing

Being the best gig on Fiverr, people are happy to buy $100+ worth of articles. If you have a good response time and quick delivery you will have a good experience on Fiverr. I have been in the article writing industry since I know what Fiverr is and I promise you, there is lots of money to be made in article writing. It’s one of the gigs on Fiverr that people need on a daily. A lot of people buy articles day in and day out. If you have about 20 sure clients that are patronizing you daily, you will gain a lot on Fiverr

3. Audio/Video Transcription

This gig is purely talent oriented. If your ears are powerful enough to hear every detail from recordings either audio or video, then you will make a lot of money selling this gig. This gig is easy because it entails listening to the recordings video and audio and then write it down with all the punctuations ready in place. Nonetheless, you should specify the length of the recordings in your gig.

4. Banner Ads

Alongside the logo design, the banner ads are something that is easy to get in the Fiverr market. It is easier and cheaper to use the services of a freelancer on Fiverr than go to companies that ask for $30+ on banner ads design. If you combine logo design and banner ads on Fiverr, you will make a lot of money on Fiverr from these two high selling gigs. Myself for one have used the services of a banner ads designer on Fiverr many a time and I tell you, it is very lucrative if you know what you are doing

5. Blog Comment Moderation

Comment spam is among the biggest problems of bloggers.  Instead of wasting time trying to remove spam comments that are actually tiring to do, most bloggers will delegate the work to freelancers on Fiverr. If you are committed to what you do, most buyers will renew your services every week.

6. Blog Commenting

This is a good gig to sell on Fiverr. Bloggers and webmasters still get good SEO feedback from blog commenting. As usual, they can do it themselves but they consider it waste of time so they will need the services of a good blog commenting freelance agent on Fiverr to do it for them… you. In the same way, bloggers hate seeing “no comments” on their blogs so it is very important that they require the services of a blog commenter. Imaging getting money just for commenting on a post.  The gigs can go like this

“I will leave 4 comments on your blog for 4 days for $5”

7. Business Advice

Giving good business and advertising advice on Fiverr can earn you big money. This gig is based purely on the experience, unlike the other gigs that might need talent, skill or commitment this gig will be great with people that have a good business experience because someone’s life might depend on the things you say. People are always happy with the kind of advice they get for just $5. You still have to have some tools in your arsenal like some pre-created templates that have worked for people time and time again.  Most companies are operated the same way. You don’t need to go to school to learn how all business work. Like I said experience is key.

8. Cartoon Creation

If you are a good cartoon creator, then you should now that there is a gig for you on Fiverr where you can cash out on your talents. Although there are not enough people that patronize cartoon creating so many people don’t go into it. But when you are really good and with enough publicity, you will be cashing out daily. Though not as high-profiling as banner ads you should get high up sales when you are doing something like this.

9. E-book & Video Delivery

If you have made or have bought full right to sell an information-packed e-book on any subject that people are clamouring to learn then you can sell this gig. This gig is easy to deliver and quick to all you have to do is send the download link to the client and you’ll get paid ASAP.

10. Email Marketing

It’s a well know gig on Fiverr. Thinking it’s a popular gig on Fiverr so most people are doing it is a wrong perspective. A high fraction of people that are doing email marketing is not doing it well. There are numerous ways to master email marketing. Big business owners are looking for guys like you, top notch marketers that can manage their email marketing and convert it into increased productivity just like that. If that is your passion, you can make it big on Fiverr. So update yourself with the skills you need to go online without hesitation.

11. Funny Videos

This has been trending on Fiverr and it has been evergreen too. This works best if you are a woman or a weird manner… well, if you are simply funny. You can make a style that people will love and buy more. Imagine doing something you love and getting paid to do it, think about that very well.

12. Infographic Videos

This is also a classic. It is very stress-free to do and have a very high demand on Fiverr. There are many WSO software offers you the privilege to design infographic videos in just minutes or hours depending on how fast you are how unique you want the graphic to be. It’s as easy as typing a text and clicking compile. You can charge $5 for every 30 seconds and every 30 seconds after that you can charge $10 extra.

13. Intro/Outro Videos

This has also ranked top 30 greatest gigs of all time by me. Intro /outro video creation is a service that works very well, I am a living witness. You have to be very careful when selling this gig. There are people that use intro brought from sites like videohive and it is very easy to get paid like that but it’s not stressed enough. It is illegal and should be stopped.

14. Logo Design

Graphics design is really easy and one of the greatest gig on Fiverr. Businesses are opened day by day and they would need a logo to advertise their services and who will they turn to? Yes, you are their choice. If you are good at graphics design, then it will be quick and relatively easy to get the graphics designed and get paid just like that. Have you ever seen someone creating logos with Photoshop? Then you should know that you can create +40 logos in less than 10 hours on a slow day. It is easy to learn in a week or two using YouTube tutorial videos.

15. Marketing Advice

I’ve got plenty of advertising advisers that you could offer people with just a $5 gig. Like business adverting, this gig solely lies in experience. Nobody is going to teach you in front of a blackboard how to learn how to advise. Yes, there are articles that will make you understand the basis of advertising but that’s where it ends. So if you have an experience in advertising then selling this gig will be profitable for you.

16. Online Advertising

This is far from the illegal activities like spamming and I’m also not saying solo ads too. I’m talking about the next level advertising like Google advertising, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Bing and even the regular marketing. There are also big online advertising companies that need skilled marketers to market their services and handle projects for clients. This is indubitably one of the biggest selling gigs on Fiverr in recent years. I won’t stress on the usefulness of this gig on Fiverr, but if you are smart and take the right step it will be easy for you to make it big on Fiverr and well most freelance websites.

17. Proofreading

If you are fluent in a particular language like French, English, Spanish or other languages, then this gig is for you. This is by far my favourite job on Fiverr but most website owners don’t feel the same way. They would prefer to hire freelancers on Fiverr to proofread their articles and other official papers.

Selling this gig successfully depends on if you are able to deliver fast high quality and well-priced proofreading services if you have a good background in English language or any other language and have the low tolerance level for grammatical errors, spellings and style then you can sell this gig successfully. Specifically, indicate the quantity of word you can edit for the right amount of money. For example, “I will edit your document for $5” then you can proceed to outline the number of words you can edit for that amount of money. Then any other thing longer than what you offer will attract extra money. So, people like you who take proofreading as a hobby will make a lot of money on Fiverr.

18. Sales Copy

With YouTube tutorials, you can be an average sales copy agents. So if you are good at writing and you do not want to be writing about 8000 words a day then you can go into sales copy. You can write ads and earn about $5 per 100words a day for sales copy gigs as long as you have an experience the art of sales alteration. You can create and sell attractive sales pitch so by that calculation if you can do 5000 words every week then you will be paid about $1770.

19. Self-Advertising

You can promote a client’s business using banners, ads a good social media profile, websites and blogs. It is very easy to do and honestly is one of the top 30 evergreen gigs you can find on Fiverr. You can also use flyers to promote a person’s business. If you are in a college you can hand flyers to students of the college, or in a rally or a mall. If you have a blog already with a fair amount of traffic then you can sell space for $5. You can add links to your blogs for $5.

20. SEO Services

SEO services have been the high selling service on Fiverr in recent years. Without a doubt, it is one of the most lucrative among the niche although it is filled with fake providers. Not to be judgmental, I am not condemning the niche rather if you can stand out and learn the manual approach instead of using sophisticated software to complicate your work. You can learn the complexities, the most recent updates and techniques so that you can stand out among numerous service providers. This will automatically attract more people to you.

21. Shout Outs on Social Media

Do you have a lot of followers of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or views on SnapChat then this gig is for you, as long as the account is not a fake account and the audience are real, not fake. This is a nice way to make money online. So if you have a real account just lying there, you can promote something and earn a lot on Fiverr.

22. Social Media Graphic Design

This is another classic gig that sells on Fiverr. If you are a good graphic designer, you can make it big on Fiverr with all these gigs at your disposal. If you learn how to make designs extremely fast and efficient, it makes it a lot easier to complete jobs on time and earn enough money. Just imagine getting money from the thing you love.

23. Video Editing

Are you a YouTuber or a good video editor, then you can make it big using this gig. As we know video editing is very lucrative and expensive too to do outside the Fiverr community. You can acquire a video edited for a fee that is five times what you pay on Fiverr. It is one of the quickest ways to earn money on Fiverr. Editing is one of the quickest ways you can make big money on Fiverr. If you are really good at video editing, a lot of people will patronize you. Video editing is easy to learn with practice and when you do it often you only become better with time.

24. Video Testimonials

Do you have a camcorder? Good. With customers drawing more credibility to video testimonials, there is growing response to video testimonials by sellers. Then these vendors turn to the services of the sellers on Fiverr to get testimonial ready for them at a cheap rate.

25. Voice Over

Do you have a good voice and a good microphone? If you do, then you can create a voice-over gig. With the aid of a microphone and a pop filter, you will be able to offer quality sounds to your fiver buyers and it is a wee bit easy to do. This gig is one of the fastest selling gigs on Fiverr. You can record about 30 sounds a day and still have time to snap chat or whatever you do in your free time. You get paid according to the minutes of the record or you can get paid by the number of words you record.

26. Web Analytics

If you are thinking of learning Google analytics, then your head is in a good place. Web analytics is among the best digital services of them all and yes you can offer it on Fiverr. So follow your heart and let the things you do for free and also for fun be your passion and means of income. Bring this skill to Fiverr and you will be shocked how people will bombard you for this services

27. Website Enhancement and Debugging

Everybody like web designing right? Yeah, all thanks to WordPress. But not everybody knows how to solve common website problems and not everybody cares about that. I am won’t tell you how to improve or add website features nor will I tell you how to debug.

These are service that people do not care about but it’s pretty important and people will pay good money to get their hands on that kind of service. People are looking for people that are skilled who will help them enhance their website features and solve problems associated with websites. There are some things that people won’t tell you, this gig is booming with money because most people are not doing it so go and acquire the skills you need to make it on Fiverr easily.

28. Website Landing Page Design

Well, it is true that webmasters are not really good at landing page designs. So, instead of doing what they think is a waste of time, they will hire the services of an expert freelancer on Fiverr who will give then a unique job. If you have a solid background in landing page designs, you can make fulltime income on Fiverr buy offering your services to clients who would love it. Landing pages are very important to webmasters and they know how bad it can crumble their business so they take sellers who are good with this kind of service very serious

29. WordPress Problem Solving

Can you correct mistakes using WordPress? If yes, then you can make a lot of buck on Fiverr selling this gig. WordPress problem solvers are always needed on Fiverr. Most problems do not take more than 5mins to rectify so you can actually sell a lot and get more money. You can speed up sites, install super cache to sites that are designed from WordPress. This gig is very important to new bloggers and also new webmasters.

30. Likes, Followers, Favorites & Shares

Social presence is a multi-million-dollar industry that got created over-night. If you have access to the right software’s that can create multiple social media accounts and keep track of these accounts, then you are ready to make tons of money on Fiverr.

Finally, you have seen the evergreen gigs on Fiverr. So before you choose, you have to critically study it well before going into it. Else you will be creating a new gig every week when you find out that you are not really meant for that gig. Enjoy your Fiverr experience and make big bucks on Fiverr.

Let’s get online. Let’s get started on Fiverr

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