6 Steps to Create a Flawless Gig on Fiverr

6 Steps to Create a Flawless Gig on Fiverr

With over 3 milliоn registered users and оvеr 3 million gigs аѕ (аt thе time оf thiѕ writing), Fivеrr iѕ no dоubt оnе оf thе world’s lаrgеѕt freelance mаrkеtрlасеѕ. And thе numbеrѕ keep inсrеаѕing by thе dау. So, imagine how many opportunities are available for you to catch. But with this much competition, you need to be smart while creating your gig. I summed up my experience in 6 Steps to Create a Flawless Gig on Fiverr.

6 Steps to Create a Flawless Gig on Fiverr

Before I start, you should know how much opportunity Fiverr has. Now follow this piece by piece tutorial word for word.

Step 1: Taking Your Niche to another Level

Okay, so you have your niche. The next thing you want to do is look at each and every top ranking competitor in it. Then look and study their gig titles, gig reviews, tags and other content.

There are some details that you need to consider and These includes: Grammatical errors in the gig, Bad content styling, Recent reviews, Overall stats, Number of favourites compared to the number of reviews, Number of orders in queue and of course the Delivery time

Step 2: Creating the Gig Content

Before you really get to write the gig content, you will want to know which keywords must be contained in it. Those are the keywords that you want your gig to rank for. So, how do you find these niche keywords? However, being the next level seller you are, you want to take things even further.

So this is what you should do-use Fiverr’s search input to know more niche related keywords that are always searched for. Use Fiverr’s tags ideas when making your gig. Those once are more than plain to understand, but let me demonstrate them both for your understanding. With the first one, what you have to do is type your target keyword and wait for the suggestion box to appear. For instance, if your gig content will be fixated on blog posting, you would merely type the tag “blog post” in Fiverr’s search bar:

Step 3: Gig Title

The title of your gig is probably the most crucial part of your gig. But, the gig title is trimmed short if it is too long. I have observed that Fiverr will trim the gig title at 5 – 10 words, but it depends on the length of the words. So, therefore, your gig title must be to the point with no irrelevant words in it. This is truly the only part of your gig where you can break the laws of the English language and omit words like the, to if necessary.  Fiverr permits a sum of 80 characters to be used buy you should put the key part of the gig title in there.

However, as a new level 2 freelancer, you are allowed one capital lettered word in your gig title. No, you have to use it well.

Another great point to use in your gig title is numbers and more precisely, odd numbers. People like numbers and numbers easily capture the eye.

The last and most vital thing that you must add to the gig title is the most important keyword that you have seen– that is the keyword that you hope to be in first place for.

Step 4:  Gig Description

After constructing the title, you would go to the gig description. The video and images will be done later once the gig content is finalized. Now, back to the gig description, you have a lot more liberty than with the gig title – you have a sum of 1,200 letter permitted and few styling options with zero limit on uppercase words.

This is where all those most imperative keywords that you collected from your Fiverr keywords research will be incorporated. Overall, you want a gig description that is easy to explain what you offer, why it is the best, and what you require from the buyer.

Step 5: Gig Tags

This step is rather simple – you can either use the same tags as the gig that comes in first place for your niche, or you would link the tags from more than one top-ranking gig in said niche. At this point, your gig is finished and completed to the letter, so, let’s deal with the video and image part of the gig. You cannot skip either of these two.

As for the tags, it’s a lot much the same story. You enter your target keyword and you add the suggestions to your keywords list. If you have read an article on the manner Fiverr’s search engine works, you’d know that keywords are very vital. So, be sure your list has only the finest ones in your niche which will give your gig a huge chance.

Now, the top keywords are likewise the greatest competitive ones, and the bad thing is that Fiverr doesn’t own a Keyword Planner that informs you about monthly searched keywords. So, finding luck in your niche is not that simple. You would have to remotely enter each keyword that comes in mind, that have a decent search volume and yet not too the much competition.

Step 6: Gig Video

Putting a video in your gig content is a must and it’s not just about saying that, it’s Fiverr itself. At the moment, the first thing you have to do is come up with the words that need to be said in the gig video.

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