5 Tips for Top Fiverr Gig Ranking

5 Tips for Top Fiverr Gig Ranking

If you are battling with getting your Fiverr gigs to be seen at the top of the Fiverr search, below are 5 Tips for Top Fiverr Gig Ranking rather than spending money or wasting time:

1. Use Appropriate Keywords and Tags

Keywords are gold when it comes to marketing your gig and getting jumble sale to it. Keywords are the tools that Fiverr optimizes to position your gig when they are searched for. Adjust your keywords and ensure you add words that people will likely search for when finding similar gigs.

If you omit this, then it will be difficult for people to find your gig. Always maximize the number of keywords that you are permitted for each gig. For instance, if you are designing a graphic design gig. Your tags might be, design, graphics, Photoshop, etc. If you adjust your gig and use precise tags or keyword then your gig can be successful.

2. Create Social Media Accounts

Another thing you should do as soon as your gig is active is to go to as many social media networks as needed and open accounts on them. As soon as your signing-in is done, start answering questions and leaving valuable and useful content related to the gig you sell on Fiverr.

Join a related group on Facebook and start receiving views with them but while you do this, don’t forget to always drop a link back to your Fiverr gigs. Please do this intelligently and don’t ruin it. Doing so will result in spamming and you might even get kicked out of the group.

3. Join Relevant Forums

Forums are a lot useful when it comes to promoting your gig. They can bring in a lot of buyers and transactions to your gig. And if a person searches for something that is even remotely related to your gig on Google then it is possible that your forum post will surface and they will click onto your gig.

To look for forums relating to your gig, go to Google and search for forums that are interrelated to your gig. For instance, if you already have a writing and translating gig, then search for writing forum. Then start marketing your gig, but do not spam. Don’t just promote your gig, add to the discussion and be significant in the forum.

4. Utilize Quora Website

This is one of the best methods to advertise your gigs. Quora is a website where individuals can ask any question and other members answer the questions. There are lots of people using Quora and it is an outstanding birthplace for traffic. I frequently use Quora to reply to questions and offer useful answers and it fetches me quite a lot of traffic.

Yahoo Answers is similar to quora and it also delivers a lot of traffic if used correctly. What you should do is to look for questions relating to your gig or questions related to your gigs on Quora or Yahoo Answers. Answer the questions on the site and also add your gig links to your Fiverr profile or rather your Fiverr gig. It is an excellent way to market your Fiverr gigs.

5. Create a Blog

There is numerous free blog designing sites out there that you can utilize to design one free blog for yourself and one of the top sites I would recommend for you is the blogger.com. It’s very simple to use and all you need to get started is a free Gmail account. Once you have this setup and of course, you should remember to use a blog address that will reflect the one you use on your fiver account such as these ones.

Go on now and start designing content around your gig on your blog. You could write some model articles exhibiting your skills and knowledge in your field. Try to put up lots of useful pieces that can help your clients have a look at what you do and to convince them you’re good at it. You will also want to make your blog noticeable on the search engine by distribution your blog URL on related forums and also on the social media. You can also incorporate link of your blog to your gig in your gig’s description.

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