ATTACHMENT DETAILS 5 Pro Tips to Get Positive Ratings on Fiverr

5 Pro Tips to Get Positive Ratings on Fiverr

In order to achieve the best results and have excellent reviews from your buyers in Fiverr, you must know how to listen correctly to your clients: through a previous conversation, you must identify what you really need, make sure you can do it and, throughout the whole process, you have to be very communicative with them. I have narrowed down 5 Pro Tips to Get Positive Ratings on Fiverr from my personal experience to help get you on the right way.

Come on, that sounds easy to do… in that way, anyone can make money online! Well, in case you think these tips are too obvious, watch out! Because many of the mistakes and misunderstandings that often occur between Fiverr sellers and their customers are the result of inefficient communication.

If you came to this article today, it means that you are necessarily part of one of these two groups of sellers in Fiverr: you have just started your career as a freelancer, and you are not sure how to build a solid reputation… or you already have some experience, but not exactly the best results.

Whatever your situation, we are sure these tips can help! Get ready, because today you will know a new part of the formula for success at Fiverr. Learn today how to get and keep positive ratings on Fiverr to level up your profile.

Before you start to get positive reviews…

There are a few basic notions about the platform you need to know. First of all, understand how you are supposed to make money on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a portal or web platform that is responsible for promoting your services as if they were items in a virtual store. Their “GIGs”, as they call the micro-works that their users offer, are characterized by being services whose payment is previously established and which have a defined duration.

One of the main advantages of Fiverr is that you do not waste your time applying for projects. Instead, the customers are the ones who come to you. Apparently, this may seem to be a disadvantage for those just starting out on the platform, as they do not have positive ratings or previous experience.

But do not worry, while there is a lot of competition, you can still make it if you work hard for it. Fiverr’s search algorithm is designed to offer opportunities to all its registered and, above all, active users.

That means that the longer you are online, the more likely you are to appear in searches for potential customers and make more money.

But that is not all. While we have already mentioned that Fiverr’s search algorithm can help you, it will not do all the work for you! So, you need to get down to work to get the most eye-catching GIGs that steal the attention of every customer before someone else does.

As always, we recommend that users take the following into account when publishing their GIGs:

  • Use cover images and titles for your GIGs that attract a lot of attention.
  • Create a mini-video explaining how you work, what you do and why customers should trust you.
  • Upload examples of what you can do and attach, if possible, your impressive resume.
  • Describe in detail, even if it is tedious, everything you are able to offer in the description of your GIGs. Always remember to use keywords in this space.
  • Prepare highly customizable GIGs with package offers and prices that are competitive in the market.

5 Pro Tips to Get Positive Ratings on Fiverr

This is one of the most important aspects when selling services on Fiverr. Since these potential clients cannot see your face, the only way to gain their trust is with, logically, evidence, and what better evidence than the testimonials of others who have worked with you? This logic applies to Fiverr as well as to any other places for making money online.

So, good! Imagine you are ready to do it big: you have the perfect GIG, the right description, an incredible multimedia portfolio, but…. you do not have good reviews and that is reducing your sales.

Many times, bad ratings do not mean that you are bad at what you do or your work is not quality, but that you are communicating inappropriately with your client and that is why the objectives are not being met.

So, what can you do? Follow us on this list of 5 definitive rules to get positive ratings on Fiverr.

1. Define exactly what you are going to do

Many times, you made the mistake long before you started selling, when you created your GIG, what exactly did you offer? By not being specific about what you are willing to offer for a minimum fee of $5, you risk selling a service for which you are paid much less than you expect.

Let’s imagine for a second that you want to sell your animations on Fiverr. You are a young design student and, you know, you need some money to stay calm and hang out with your friends, so you decided to post a GIG entitled “Animation Production for $5”.

Okay, it is an eye-catching title, but what if you do not specify in your publication that, for only $5, you offer 30 seconds of animation?

Your customer would make a purchase, convinced that you would offer them a 3-minute animated video for $5, and they would end up in a terrible dispute over a terrible misunderstanding. And unfortunately, in these cases, the seller always has the upper hand.

Most likely the customer will feel cheated, cancel the order and leave a bad review… which will keep you away from so many other customers who will not even care what happened. To them, you will be a con man. That is the end of it.

2. Be realistic with your delivery times

When you are a new user on Fiverr, the most common thing is that you get desperate and want to hook up AT ANY COST your first customer. To achieve this, many offer low prices and unrealistic completion times.

While it is always smart to offer good deals to your first customers, if there is one thing you need to protect at all costs, it is your delivery time – why? let’s go back to our student animator.

Normally this seller can complete an animated video in 24 hours but usually offers them in 3 days to take it easy. It turns out that his first client contacts him, and to make him fall in love, he tells him that he can deliver the work in less than 48 hours.

Gladly, the client accepts. However, on the same day, our student is reminded that he or she must submit a very important report within two days. Of course, education comes first. The student completes his report, made in a hurry and of poor quality, but is not able to meet his delivery on time.

As a result, not only does your customer get very angry and leave a bad review, but Fiverr also decreases its percentage of on-time deliveries.

3. Make sure you have everything you need before you start

Many buyers on Fiverr are used to buying a service without even personally contacting the seller before doing so. You have to be very careful about this aspect. Be sure to invite your customers to contact you before ordering from your GIG description.

If the buyer does so, try to get all the information related to the job you are going to do: main idea, basic requirements, schedule, key data, documents, keys or passwords, everything! Well, that will allow you to start working as soon as the countdown begins.

In this way, you will avoid problems with time, deliver a job that suits your client’s needs and get a positive review to take your profile to the next level.

4. Be honest about your abilities

We have all committed the crime of exaggerating about our own capabilities. Like the time a friend said he spoke fluent Spanish, but he could not even answer a “Hello, how are you?

In everyday life, these experiences are embarrassing… but in working life, they can end your career more easily than you think.

If you tell your customers that you are capable of doing more than you are really capable of doing, two things can happen: either you learn to do what you supposedly knew how to do in a few hours — which is certainly unlikely — and you come out undefeated… or you disappoint your customer, and you know how you pay for that: bad reviews.

The best way to maintain good ratings on your Fiverr profile is, to be honest: do not take jobs you do not know how to complete.

5. Communicate openly with your buyer

Remember that words are the only possible way to understand what your buyer wants: use them. Ask the questions you need to ask, even if you think they are obvious. Do not assume anything, as this may cause the final product you offer not to be what your buyer was looking for.

If it is a work with several parts, it is always a good idea to send your customer each of these parts. That way you know you are on the right track or you can make the right changes at the right time.

A happy customer

After all, the formula to have good reviews and a great profile on Fiverr is defined in one thing: that your customers are happy and satisfied with what you do and the attention you give them. If your clients like your work, they will most likely hire you again — if they need someone like you one more time— and on the other hand, if they do not come back, their positive review will attract many other potential clients.

And you, do you already have your own secret of success on Fiverr? Do you have any advice or opinion that could enrich this work? share it with us and help us to grow the huge community of Fiverr users.

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