10 Gig for Housewives to Start Making Money Online

10 Gig for Housewives to Start Making Money Online

Memory is an incredible thing. Although it has been stored in our brain since day 1, we can only have access to a small, tiny, fraction of it. For example, if you travel back in time, looking in the darkest and most remote places, what is the first thing that reminds you of your mother?

When someone asks this question to a group of people, even if they do not know each other, it is very common for the memories to start coinciding: Oh, I remember my mom’s food! Ah, the cakes she used to make! Yes, the sweater she made for me! And those are just a few.

For some reason, it seems that mom’s figure is reduced to revolving around her son… and that, although it is somewhat true, is not entirely true. A woman, even when she is a mother, is still a woman. Being a wife is not about giving up being a professional or an artist or a researcher.

That is something that modern society is trying to rescue, and that is why today’s housewives are more modern. They stay active, working, caring for themselves and their aspirations while taking care of their family. It is therefore common to see housewives taking advantage of their time to become freelancers.

So, let us see, do you want to start making money while sharing with your kids? Here are some ideas you may find useful

10 Gig for Housewives to Start Making Money Online

If you are a housewife who wants to make money as a freelance you have probably been through this: most people underestimate you. They feel that the fact that you have decided to stay home and take care of your family means that you are no longer able to do any other activity that is not related to that.

Terrible, horrible, wrong, and now it is time to let them know.

1. Translate

This is one of those Gigs that never goes out of style, no matter how many people offer it. With all this modern movement that uses technology to reduce geographical distances, globalization is not an option now: it is an obligation.

No matter what the business is, it has to open up to the international market to be truly successful. But how can this be achieved in a world where there are more than seven thousand languages? Translators are needed. There you have it. Translating is a Gig that will always sell.

Housewives know that, and they use their skills to their advantage. We live in a world where more than half the population are bilingual, and that does not exclude housewives.

Many of them choose this work because, in addition to being highly demanded, it can be done anytime and anywhere, no matter how much the children are running and screaming in the room.

But pay attention! That this advice can help you make even more money whether you are a housewife or not. Do you speak an exotic language? Make the most of it. The most common thing in the market is being an English-Spanish translator. Sometimes French and sometimes even less so, German.

If your mother tongue is something more exotic like Urdu or Japanese, why not become a translator? After all, when the offer is low… the demand is high! You do not have to know too much about economics to know what that means: if your Gig is in demand, you can earn more for it.

2. Correct Texts or Proofreading

Like translation Gigs, proofreading services are part of the ideal activities for a housewife to start her freelance career at Fiverr.

Why? Reviewing your children’s homework is not the same as doing the complete grammar checks of a book or document. No, it is certainly not the same, but if the housewife has editorial experience, doing a job for which she does not need absolute silence is already a positive aspect that is well appreciated.

3. Writing

All knowledge and experience are valuable, no matter what it is. And believe it or not, the experience of a mother and housewife can be worth a lot of money. However, you will not be able to do anything with it if you keep it to yourself or share it during a pleasant chat with your friends.

If you are good with words, you can always start writing! No matter the subject, in the Fiverr Marketplace there are people always looking for someone who can write good paragraphs about anything.

Why do you think so much about it? If you already have the knowledge, why not use it? Many lifestyles, maternity and cooking blogs are always looking for pro-active editors who are aware of the subject, have plenty of time on the computer and have the desire to do a good job.

Luckily… for them! You got three out of three. You are the perfect candidate for the job.

4. Doing Voice-Overs

If your beautiful voice helps you to lull your little kids into the night, who says you cannot make money with it? Voice-overs are the most popular Gigs on the Fiverr Marketplace and are generally very well paid for just a few hours work.

However, keep in mind that if you want to start working on doing this, you must have not only proper diction and a good microphone, but also a quiet place to record.

You can take advantage of this when your kids have gone to bed or while they are at school. Well, who knows? Perhaps we are facing the emergence of a new star of the locution. Remember to thank us when you become famous.

5. Illustration

Many times, having a home and becoming a housewife forces you to give up some dreams… or not. Luckily, not in this case! And which is better, you can start making money on Fiverr with all that accumulated talent.

Fiverr is a Marketplace where buyers, rather than services, try to find talent to work with in order to build business relationships. So, if you are an ace of pencil and paper or handle Illustrator very well, why not start selling Gigs of illustration?

You can choose your own style or be open to any kind of proposal. In Fiverr, both modalities are handled.

7. Creative Writing

Children tend to be very creative. Every day they have crazy and funny ideas… that is perfect for writing all kinds of interesting stories. But, come on, being a writer was never your thing. You liked to do it, but you do not see yourself building a career in that field. You want to enjoy being at home and sharing with your loved ones.

But… what if you do not have to give up any of them? And better yet, what would you think if I told you that you can make money selling at Fiverr while you explore your creative vein? Oh, that sounds like an interesting offer.

Although the demand is not very high, there are customers in Fiverr who are willing to pay a good amount of money for the material of this type. Especially when the audience is children. You can take advantage of the fact that you live with your children and you know how children think… and do amazing jobs that your customers will surely appreciate!

7. Virtual Personal Assistant

This is one of the most recommended freelance jobs for housewives. Why? Basically for practical reasons. Housewives spend a lot of time, it may appear redundant, at home. That means that they are available most of the time to solve any kind of problem with their computers.

These are often very demanding jobs, but very well paid. Besides, if you are already organizing your family’s life and all your household issues, how complicated can it be to do the same for a client? Yeah! Your experience in everyday life will help you make this job a piece of cake.

8. Fill Out Surveys

If what you are looking for is something that gives you an income, that you can do it whenever you want and that does not require too much activity, this is one of the ideal Gigs for you. Come on, you spend all day running after your kids. When they go to sleep, you wish you could sit down for a while, use that time to make some money! Many clients in Fiverr pay – albeit very low amounts – to request participants for interviews or to fill out questionnaires of all kinds – do not let it pass!

9. Graphic Design: Logo Cards, Flyers and More

Maybe this housewife is an expert on the entire Adobe suite, wow, why not take advantage of that talent in designing? Ah, sure you want to enjoy your family and children! Wait a minute! Since when are the two things completely exclusive?

If you have the programs and training to do beautiful work, why not design in your spare time? Take advantage of those quiet hours when the children go to bed to start making some money in Fiverr.

10. Online Teacher for Children

We believe that to leave it last for some reason would make it more unexpected… despite the obvious… We cannot deny it! There is no one more prepared to teach a child than a mother. No one else knows how they are and can handle them better than someone like you.

You can teach whatever you prefer, depending on your preparation and preferences. But be careful! If your children find out that you are living with other children… it may arouse some of their jealousy.

Housewives, Ready to Make Some Money?

It is never too late to start making money online, take advantage of the resources and start a successful career while enjoying the love of your family!

In the process, you can always come back here and ask questions, tell us about your experience, and remember that there is nothing more enriching than the opinion of our readers!

See you in the next post!

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